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Utah Mountain Bike Shuttle Service

Fox ‘N Rox Shuttle

Wasatch Crest Mountain Bike Shuttle & Park City Mountain Bike Shuttle

General information you should know.

  • If you do not cancel before 24 hours, you will be charged for your appointment. Keep in mind when signing up.
  • All shuttles leave the lot 5 mins after the posted scheduled time. Please do not be late. We have a set schedule for each day and there are a lot of people who depend on us leaving on time.
  • Park City mountain bike shuttle – Canyons Lower lot behind 7 eleven.
  • Wasatch Crest mountain bike shuttle – The parking lot is one block east of wasatch blvd on Jupiter drive 3900 south behind the mall. DO NOT PARK IN EINSTEINS, SINCLAIR, UTA LOT, OR DANS – YOU WILL BE TOWED!!!!
  • Custom Shuttles. Just reach out in advanced. MUST have 9-12.
  • I do shuttle the WOW trail in may & september with it being open early & later in the year. (Dependent on weather)

Wasatch Crest Trail Shuttle

Parking Area

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Park City Trail Shuttle

Parking Area

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Scheduling is currently closed

We are currently closed for the season. Thank you for another great year! looking forward to next season. Cheers!