Utah Mountain Bike Shuttle

Wasatch Crest Trail Shuttle & Park City Trail Shuttle – Providing the ultimate Utah Mountain Bike Shuttle

I started driving this back in 2013 shuttling out of a minivan. A few years later in 2015, I was able to get into the newer shuttle known as the Fox ‘N Rox Shuttle Service. This will be my 4th summer with the updated Fox ‘N Rox Shuttle Service van. I really enjoy providing a Utah mountain bike shuttle.

I have always loved riding the crest trail. My first crest trail ride was in 1988, on a 26” mongoose with an 18 speed and canti brakes. Since 2012, my Strava says I’ve logged over 225 crest runs.


I got off topic — Back then it was difficult to find rides up to the top of Guardsman Pass. I sometimes rode up from downtown Salt Lake City, other times I hitched from bottom of Big Cottonwood Canyon. I have even paid friends $20 to take me to solitude. The double car self shuttle is lame, it wastes gas and more important, it wastes time. Now in 2018 the parking at the top is so crowded, the Fox ‘N Rox Shuttle Service helps keep down the mountain bike traffic. So if you agree, jump in!

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Utah Mountain Bike Shuttle